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Copt write GRIFF's Super Shop 2007
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The X-Cellerator 1/10 Electric Stadium Truck RTR is a top-of-the-line race truck in a Ready-to-Run package! The X-Cellerator has it all! This factory-built stadium truck features all the adjustability and fine tuning that you find on top-level race trucks. With its fully-threaded shocks, adjustable ball differential and slipper clutch, adjustable turnbuckle upper suspension links, superb handling, and great looks, the Electric X-Cellerator is unmistakably a contender for the best electric stadium truck on the market. Not only does the Electric X-Cellerator handle superbly, it also contains extremely reliable electronics. A factory-installed 20-turn forward/reverse electronic speed control and Cirrus 2-channel radio system ensure that your driving experience is the best it can be. Look no further. The Electric X-Cellerator is the electric stadium truck to get!

Requires a 6-cell sub-C battery pack, charger and 8 AA's.
Electric X-CELLERATOR Features:

-Top-Notch Race Truck in a Ready-to-Run package.
-Cirrus 2Ch Radio System
-Solid State 20T forward/reverse electronic speed control
-Full ball bearings
-Racing Ball Differential
-Fully threaded aluminum shocks
-Completely countersunk molded chassis
-Adjustable camber, squat, wheelbase, and shock position
-Factory-painted and trimmed body
-Adjustable servo saver assembly
-Race Inspired Suspension
-Low Profile Transmission
-Adjustable Slipper Clutch Assembly
-48p Spur gears accept after market pinion gears