Copt write GRIFF's Super Shop 2007

Have it your way products will take 3 to 7 days to ship
This is an affliated web site with a full service Hobby Shop

Below you will find 5 options for the XST but there are very
many options That can be had with your new
What we offer is a way for you get parts installed on your
new Truck so you may have it the way you like it. Look
at it like your buying a new car and ordering it from the
factory with all the options you want rather than the Stock
version of the car. Instead of tinted windows you get a higher
powered motor or instead of power windows you get a power
starter.This saves you money and time because you don't
have to buy upgrades later and install them yourself unless
its something you forgot.

First before we give you the 5 firm options an example of what were talking about

You buy an XST for $400.00 and it comes with the great 24.7 motor but you choose to have a 6 port 457 XTM pro motor

An XTM 24.7 retails for $140.00

An XTM 6 port 457 pro retails for $170.00

The XST would now be $485.00 with a 457 pro installed


You would like a sure start installed instead of the pull start

Pull start retails for $20.00

Sure Start retails for $40.00

The XST would then be $425.00


With both items installed on the XST $510.00

If you were to buy the XST for $400.00 and the Sure Start along with the 457 pro engine you would be spending
you would be saving a whopping $100.00 by getting your
XST/S.O. the HAVE IT YOUR WAY option

Don't want to read all this Bull?
Just buy one!

Don't want to read all this Bull?
Just buy one!

These are just examples and the prices will change in the shoping cart at times to reflect sales and raises in product pricing
There are 5 options all unique
Basic model in shopping cart only