• XST Basic
  • 12 Batteries
  • After run oil
  • 2 extra XTM Glow plugs
  • Air filter Oil
  • 1300 maH glow starter metered (model may vary)
  • Universal wrench with 17mm socket for wheel nuts
  • 350cc anti syphon fuel bottle
  • XTM 3 Port Racing 348 (.21) 2.1 HP motor installed
Copt write GRIFF's Super Shop 2007

Warranty will remain the same as with the original 247
Any replacement of parts for this purchase will be done through
Warranty limited to defective parts, you may return the car any time for repairs and broken parts replaced at retail price will be installed at no labor cost / You will be responsible for all shipping charges.
Warranty parts excluded _ we will ship back free.
Defects will be taken care of after the part is inspected and deemed as defective by the shop Pro / Once a decision is made its final